How to Bet on Esports: Beginners Guide to types of bets

Dota 2 has the biggest in-depth coverage at, and you can place wagers on as many as 20+ markets per game, including specials like Kill First Roshan, First Tower, etc. They’ve all been independently tested for their esports market coverage, bonuses, and odds, and they’re all safe and secure to use. We’re here to tell you that you can easily make money by betting on esports and becoming an export expert. Here are a few betting strategies and tips that will help you on your betting journey.

You can find these as a new player bonus or occasionally as a site-wide promo. It can also add more enjoyment to watching streams online, as if your win head to head bet is losing, it may allow you to hedge your bets by betting on each set in a best of 3 or 5 contest. While it can be intimidating for bettors to place their money on the underdogs winning, there is some simple tricks all bettors can use if they are struggling to make a decision. In this example, TSM is taking on Dignitas in week three of the LCS. While TSM is clearly the favorites to win this best-of-one, Dignitas does have a chance to win this match and the payout justifies taking the risk on them. Injuries are not such a big factor in pro gaming when compared with traditional sports.It’s tough to pull a hamstring when you’re sitting in front of a huge console.

Esports Betting vs. Traditional Sports Betting

As you might guess, there are quite a few esports market choices (betting options). The markets available will depend on the particular game being played and the bookmaker. The following list doesn’t contain every kind of market out there, of course. But you can look it over for a general introduction to the five most common online esports betting types.

  • Tournaments are typically held for 24 hours or more, so gamers will need to be able to withstand the endurance needed to play a game for that long, along with those planning to bet on eSports.
  • You can find out more about our top betting sites for esports in our extensive reviews, while you will also find information about bonus offers, esports promotions, payments and much more.
  • A unique esports betting site that deals entirely in Bitcoin wagers and fast registration that favours those who like anonymity and privacy.

Unfortunately, not all bookies go out of their way to ensure the satisfaction of their users is at the highest level. Make sure you investigate customer support channels and their effectiveness and responsiveness via bookmaker reviews. These days, the pro esports scene contains only the best talents in the world, and the events are hosted in some of the biggest sports venues in the world. We’re not going to tell you that every sports betting site or app for esports you encounter is going to be a legitimately run business. However, we can guarantee that the betting apps we recommend here are legit. We find ourselves visiting often because we typically find the best odds there. The odds are laid out in a very easy-to-understand manner on their websites, which makes comparing odds effortless.

12 Best eSports Betting Sites in 2022: Find the…

Preferably, you should have accounts with multiple betting sites for price shopping and take advantage of any welcome bonuses, free bets, and promotions. Finding the right online sportsbook for your wagers is an important first step to becoming an eSports bettor. Not all sportsbooks are the same, and some offer better eSports odds, better bonuses, and more flexible deposit limits.

For those of you who don’t know much about them, they are basically “reward” systems installed by the bookmakers which are there to incentivize new (and current) users. All major sites with live esports odds betting platforms these days offer bonuses. Both bonus and rollover amounts (and other rules) vary from platform to platform, so make sure you check out the fine print before you commit to a particular bookie. Even though we’re living in a world where the biggest online review sites are outright scams, it doesn’t mean online reviews don’t matter. They do, as they still have the ability to build (or destroy) the reputations of anything available on the internet, including esports betting sites.

Outright Bets

Unfortunately, esports-specific bonuses still aren’t available on most online betting sites. Those that do offer such bonuses aren’t really good at emphasizing them in ways where esports bettors will take notice. That said, esports-specific bonuses aren’t as important as the rest of lowest price the factors here, but will gain importance as time goes on and more big names start experimenting with them. That said, it’s of utmost importance to pick an online bookie you can trust. Unfortunately, finding such bookies is becoming increasingly difficult with each passing year.

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