What Is a Full-Stack Developer? A Guide To Full-Stack Development

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most popular frameworks such as Laravel, Django, and Ruby on Rails. Software engineering is a general term, whereas full stack development is a part of software engineering that requires knowledge of front-end and back-end technologies to create end-to-end web applications. A full stack developer works on a complete technology stack which generally includes a back end and front end.

Software developers create the digital applications we use on a regular basis. Full stack developers are commonly well-equipped to handle this mesh of tasks, possessing both the development and communication skills that define success in the role. Front end developers are responsible for a website or application’s user-facing elements.

Full-stack developer skills

The best place to start learning HTML and CSS is with freeCodeCamp’s Responsive Web Design Certification. First, learn HTML fundamentals, specifically HTML5, which is the latest HTML version and supports many more features. You will be spending a lot of time on the Internet, designing and developing for the Web. In the sections to come, we’ll discuss a lot of different technologies you’ll need to learn, and there are many more which are not listed. It is the business logic, the handling and manipulation of data, and the algorithms. The front end consists of all the visible parts responsible for the user experience.

fullstack developer meaning

You should just research which technology is used in your area and start learning that one well. You use JavaScript with HTML and CSS to create dynamic and interactive web pages and mobile applications. Examples of JavaScript include animations, count down clocks, drop down mobile menus, and showing/hiding information when a user clicks on an element on the page.

Experience With Developer Tools

Our Full-Stack Engineer Career Path will teach you the skills you need to build full-stack web applications using Node.JS, Express.JS, React, and more — and takes about six months to complete. If you’re interested in a career in full-stack development but not sure where to start, we’ll break things down for you. If you’re ready to start learning, our Full-Stack Engineer Career Path will teach you what you need to prepare for an entry-level full-stack development job. Full-stack development is also an excellent career for professionals who like flexing different muscles at work. Full-stack developers use numerous tools and skills and work on a diverse range of projects — meaning your work will be highly engaging.

  • Web development commonly is a collaborative effort, and honing this mentality can position new full stack developers and their cohorts for lasting success.
  • The back end consists of a server that receives and processes requests and a database used to store data.
  • Full stack development is the process of designing, creating, testing, and deploying a complete web application from start to finish.
  • In the sections to come, we’ll discuss a lot of different technologies you’ll need to learn, and there are many more which are not listed.
  • You’ve likely heard the terms front end and backend if you’ve been looking into how to become a full stack web developer.

He or she should have a genuine interest in all software technologies. Full Stack Developer is an engineer who works on both client-side and server-side of the software application. This type of developer works on the Full Stack of a software application meaning Front end development, Back end development, Database, Server, API, and version controlling systems.

Create a portfolio

This computer science certification covers everything that you need for effective full stack development. Offered online via edX, it will take students four months to complete and costs $536 to attend. Below are some of the key responsibilities of a full stack developer.

fullstack developer meaning

Though difficult, it’s possible to achieve all the necessary skills through self-directed training. If you’re disciplined and passionate enough, you can use low-cost online classes, books, and tutorials as a springboard to leap into a full stack development career. Front end development has become more complicated as users interact with sites through different devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and desktops.


As a full-stack developer, you can specialize in a variety of technologies. There are a lot of programming languages and frameworks to choose from. You don’t need to know all of them, but to call yourself a full-stack developer, you need the basics of front-end development, a back-end programming language, and the ability to write database queries. To succeed as a developer, you’ll need to master programming languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Java, and Ruby.

fullstack developer meaning

Full stack developers start by brainstorming platforms alongside a graphic design team, often reviewing prototypes before turning them into coded products. Computer support specialists are important IT figures within countless industries, as many businesses require high-level technical support to keep their internal processes fluid and organized. Overall, full-stack developers need to be proficient in multiple programming languages and frameworks to be able to work on both the front-end and back-end of a web application.

It is not advised to code using a word processor such as Google Docs or Microsoft Word but instead set up a code editor to write source code. No matter the Operating System you are using, whether it’s MacOS or Microsoft Windows, as a full stack developer, it will help if you learn Linux. You will learn all the concepts listed above (and more) by building 15 practice projects and five https://wizardsdev.com/en/vacancy/middle-fullstack-developer-nodejs-reactjs-typescript/ certification projects. So, full-stack web development refers to the knowledge of all the parts responsible for the front-end and the back-end side of a web application. The back end consists of a server that receives and processes requests and a database used to store data. Full-stack developer roles are among the most highly sought after positions in the current job market.

fullstack developer meaning

Git is not only practical for your personal projects, but it is necessary when you are part of a team. Visual Studio Code is the editor of choice for many developers, which you will also see referred to as VS Code. The application runs a shell, such as Bash or Zsh, which acts as an intermediary between you and your computer’s Operating System. The shell running in the CLI reads the commands and instructs the Operating System.

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