Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List July 2022

Slicer has the maximum DPS and second-highest burst damage in the game, trailing only Brute. This article will tell you the best characters you should watch out for. Use these characters to build an ultimate team and discover every secret of the Botworld. Let’s get started with the Tier List for Botworld Adventure without further ado. Featherweight’s Botworld Adventure is a Single-player RPG game released in October 2021.

The enemies will have a variety of bots, including ranged bots. Players can put one of their high damage bots closer to the enemy’s ranged bots, which will make it run away. At the same time, players need to ensure that enemy bots are far away from their own ranged bots to avoid getting dealt with damage. Players need to find bots that they enjoy playing with and deploy them to battles to win and also have fun. And don’t forget to always be on the lookout for scraps! Botworld Adventure takes its players in a fantasy realm where they must help the protagonist collect every bot possible.

Tier List For Botworld Adventure: Overall Best Bot

But we have divided them into a total of five categories, including SS Tier, S Tier, A Tier, B Tier, and the C Tier. The Botworld Adventure tier list can be used to help you choose the best bot for your playstyle. It can also be used to help you improve your playstyle by identifying areas you need to focus on. These bots are the best of the best, with few if any weaknesses. The C tier is the lowest tier on the Botworld Adventure tier list. These bots are considered to be the worst among the cast and are not viable in most situations. A Botworld Adventure tier list is a ranking of all the Botworld Adventure bots from best to worst. The tier list is simply a fun way to see how your favorite bots stack up against the competition. Botworld Adventure is a huge, online, single-player game with a massive world to explore.

Unlike other Splashers, Pluggie doesn’t have splash damage, but rather damage that bounces with a max range of 4 between 4 enemies. This almost always guarantees hitting at least two, if not three bots with extremely good damage. Unlike Brute, however, Slicer doesn’t need any setup for his burst and has a respectable 15 Movement Speed on top of a gap closer ability. He’s not all too squishy either and overall a very scary, high-risk high-reward pick for any team. He has a place in any team that he’s put in and does his job as no other bot can. At endgame (level 5000+), chasers are often intervened by a tank while he’s chasing a squishy bot. Annoyances aside, the Musekt has the Sniper Stance skill that allows you to do incredible damage.

Best Bots List In Botworld Adventure

Immobilize Field won’t stop things like Bigshot or Pluggie from attacking, or may even provoke a running Pupil into attacking. Firewall and Poison Trail aren’t for the damage, but for what they do to a bot’s A.I. If you face melee bots and you place him wrong, he will most probably be dead quickly in-game. He needs to be babysat by Chainer or other tanks and even then he turns out to be outclassed by other bots, even most snipers. His vortex is the only thing Artificial Intelligence For Customer Service he has going for him, but Beat does a better job at amplifying your team. Unfortunately, his HP is on the low end for a brawler and most of the time doesn’t live long enough to reach his third stack. He needs a full stall team and abilities to help him out. KO has some of the best potential for a bot in the game, but needs a lot to reach it. It takes him 16 seconds to fully charge himself up to having lots of damage per auto-attack, which is a crazy amount.
The game is new but widely popular among users on Android’s Play Store and Apple iOS’s App Store. Botworld Adventure is all about exploring the Botworld with the help of unique and powerful bots. Botworld Adventure is making your way into a wonderful world, and it needs to be explored at your best with every effort you can. This diverse world covers so many new bots to be discovered, and protagonists are here helping to collect each Bot.

Deal Lots Of Damage To Enemies In Battles

The only thing he has going for him is his Nuclear Cylinders that can reach up to 8272 damage, which is pretty insane for a common bot. Chomp has no disengage or safety and his auto-attack damage is lacklustre. Hands down the best CC bot there is, with respectable damage for a tank as well. He sticks to your squishy bots like crazy, and throws a long-lasting stun tantrum when you try to push him off. This DPS provided by this bot is too much even for the top tier bots. Brute is a Special Class within the Brawler Category. With the proper AI picks, Brute can pull out an Overclocked Spin that pumps out a tonne of damage in a single hit.

Unfortunately, though, there are better melee counters like Brute. Rocketeer fills the exact role of countering some specific bots with constant knockback CC. Bigshot’s charging gets interrupted by it, Pupil’s ramping, those are just examples. He deals respectable damage too and is the only common bot that has three abilities. His damage simply isn’t where it used to be and he gets easily countered by botpack abilities, chasers with smart AI choices or simple bot abilities. Not to be underestimated, Berserker could be considered a mix between Chainer/Yanky and Bullwark. He’s very tanky, has a big burst and charges into enemy bots to tank them away from your squishy bots. Good damage, great evasiveness, and a fantastic CC ultimate.

C Tier – Slightly below average weapons that probably want a buff, or the player base hasn’t quite figured them out just yet. With well-chosen AI, having damage that is nothing to scoff botworld bot tier list at. Flamer’s DPS is incredible, and his splashes cover a wide arc. Furthermore, his Flame field ability provides incredibly high damage, heals him if used, and causes enemies to flee.
botworld bot tier list
This is the key to performing high DPS in PvE, making it great for expeditions, especially when there’ melee players body blocking each other. Overall, Muskets are not that great for everyday use but are a powerhouse in coordinated groups. You may be slightly surprised at seeing the Musket as an A tier weapon. Sure, it does damage, but you have very little breathing room once hostile NPCs catch up. Moreso, the weapon has a slight delay when reloading, which creates a bit of undue pressure that you can probably do without. The other annoying part is you need lots of ammo, meaning you have to go out of your way to craft the ammunition. S Tier – The S Tier picks dominate the New World weapon tier list because of their sheer power, utility or overall usefulness. Soon into the game, players will be introduced to contract quests they have to complete to get cool rewards. These individual contracts are only completed after the tasks within the contracts are completed by the player.

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It can prove to be a good early game bot if enemy bots lack ranged attackers. However, Lobbie gets countered when there are initiators or bots with high HP such as Brute or Berserker. Pluggie is a ranged bot that fulfils the Splasher role. It shines when there’s a team fight as it can deal an insane amount of damage through its chain lightning attack.
botworld bot tier list

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