3 Top Ways To Build A Website Prototype

Designers and their clients can also collaborate easier with its centralized workspace. All in all, prototyping is an effective method of validating the product and improving it if there is a need. It minimizes the risk of failure since it reveals problems at the soonest possible time. Asking ‘What’s the best way to build a website prototype?

website prototype

Teams use prototypes to learn more about their users in the prototyping and testing stages of the design process. These two stages involve experimenting and creating scaled-down versions of a product or service and then testing them, to refine the best possible solutions. Prototyping by using a click-through model allows you to test your user experience of your product or service as close to the real thing as possible. Prototype design happens before you commit to building a product or service, saving you money by locating roadblocks early. It typically resembles a series of screens or artboards connected by arrows or links.

Prototyping For All

They also offer a bundle of 50 beginner’s lessons to get your basics right with website prototype. A website prototype is only a virtual demo that mimics all details of your final product, so you can first test them before developing. The actual website is a real site that goes live, allowing visitors to view and interact exactly in the way they should. Share prototype links with your teammates, so they can directly view from anywhere with internet access, and leave feedback directly on the prototype page. Choose from +500 templates with all design themes, layouts and styles to quickly kickstart your project. This prototype for a cruise liner company features a clean design with an accent on wide format imagery combines with multiple CTAs throughout the page.

  • Add and polish all possible web UI details to make a project yours using powerful vector drawing and advanced style editing.
  • Desktop prototypes – From online stores to sign-up pages and ads—build something for every device.
  • First and foremost, you need to make browsing the website as easy as possible.
  • You can fix what is not suitable for you without a significant investment of time and money.
  • Please design a mockup website using ALL the information below.

You can see the site visitors falling in love with the landscapes of the exotic destinations and booking a cruise before they know it. Annotate — a lot and everything that comes to your mind about the future page interactions of functionality. The chances are, if you don’t write it down this very second, you will forget it at a later stage. Card sorting is a technique that involves asking users to organise information into logical groups.

Specify how much the team is willing to invest in prototyping, the level of detail of the prototype, and the full range of platforms it will support – Windows, Android, iOS, etc. Choose between a high-fidelity and a low-fidelity prototype. It’s a relatively cheap way of testing an idea and getting early feedback from users. If a prototype fails, it’s not nearly as bad as a finished product failing, because the investment was a lot smaller.

What To Expect From Your Website Prototype

We add a few plugins every week, so be sure to check back often. To get access to tech knowledge and skills without committing to recruitment campaigns and long-term collaboration, hire a dedicated team of developers. Reaching out to a third-party vendor is a flexible working model – you can either upscale the collaboration or terminate it once the prototype is complete. Implementing homepage sliders is a way to achieve a balance in using visual content. Users can view several pictures that display the company’s product or describe the range of services without having to scroll down the page.

This https://globalcloudteam.com/ tool free comes along with 14 days of a free trial. However, to get the full license, you will have to spend $99 for one year per license. + There are multiple costly tools to design a rich interface. The application is overloaded with read-made features, and this will help you to create a mockup of your site. Overall, this tool is straightforward to use and is comprehensive. If you wish to work on the designing part of the project, then open the Widget panel.

website prototype

Tree testing is a way of evaluating a proposed site structure by asking users to find items based on the sites organisation and terminology. This online test only displays the navigation links and removes any additional clutter. Usability testing is a way to see how easy to use something is by testing it with real users.

It allows you to fix any areas which receive negative feedback, and it allows for discussion about what is really needed in the final build and what could be removed. This can save a huge amount of money in development later on in the project. Prototypes are a collaborative and iterative way to define user needs. At a high-fidelity stage, prototypes align user research with business goals. At a low-fidelity stage, prototypes save teams time and money.

Each individual prototype, like each individual website, has its own styles, objectives, and strategies. Being afraid to ask an awkward question often keeps prospective clients from reaching out to your company. To ensure you don’t lose leads, create a website page that will answer the most common questions.

Adding sharing buttons is a way to remind page visitors to promote your content. An in-depth project description should follow each case study – here, project managers will describe the challenges of building a product from scratch and share insights. Remember to touch upon the impact of the product – what it helped the client achieve. First and foremost, you need to make browsing the website as easy as possible. Adding a search bar is a way to help visitors find a needed page in no time.

Drupal Development

Aside from the functional value, sliders are comfortable to look at and give the website a sleek, modern flair. Publish your interactive prototype and share the link with all project members. That’s why I can recommend this article to you where you will get a good overview of tools. You can see how the different tools fare regarding speed, high-fidelity, user testing and customer support. Proto.io’s intuitive, drag & drop interface gives you all the building blocks that you need to get started!

website prototype

Once the prototype is ready, the graphic design of the website is created from it. The designer uses color, texture, and other graphic elements to make the website visually appealing. Once designed, the prototype is used very much like the final website will be used. UX designers often go through the prototype countless times over the course of a project to optimize it for the people who will eventually use the website. Once the prototype is created and approved, a graphic designer creates a website design and uses the website prototype as a model.

Step 2: Change Size For Your Website Prototype Projects

With Framer’s Insert Menu feature, you can access a library of components and tools and apply them with ease by just dragging and dropping them onto your screen. Framer’s smart components require no code at all thus they are easy to integrate. For developers and designers with skills in coding, this feature will never be a limit for them as they can always add their own custom functions and components. If you are at the beginning stage of the project, you can use low-fidelity prototypes to ensure the content is appropriate. Designers use low-fidelity prototypes in the early stage to make sure their content is correct.

Find all the topics about design, prototyping, and UI/UX here. This is not an easy decision given the number of solutions available on the market. In this case analysis paralysis is no longer a figure of speech but an accurate description of a user’s mind struggling to make a choice. Don’t lose your head and see through the marketing clutter. Sketch out all ideas that come to your head — even those that seem ridiculous might inspire a good idea once you see it on paper.

With the drag and drop feature, you can add the widgets that you want. There are a lot of proper inspection and discussion tools and hands-off specs, which will enable you to communicate through your prototype seamlessly. You can create wireframe and different website prototypes freely. Run by Erin Loechner, a renowned designer you will learn valuable lessons about UX design and web prototype. Run by Punit Chawla, you will get information tools and interesting interviews with discussions about all kinds of design topics. Open the Wondershare Mockitt website, then you can sign up an account.

Prototyping With Presentation Software

Wireframes are used early in the development process to establish the basic structure of a page before visual design and content is added. In addition, we find that a website prototype can be an excellent specification document for designers and developers. A lengthy functional specification document is often difficult to interpret and difficult to engage with. But a fully interactive prototype allows them to visualise what is needed quickly and easily. A website prototype can be any mock-up or demo of what a website will look like when it goes live. It can be anything from a paper sketch to a clickable HTML prototype.

Displaying customer reviews on the website is a major trust factor that showcases the company’s expertise. Asking for testimonials will help brands strengthen the bond with first-time and regular clients. It’s a way to show consideration and prove that the company takes pride in the quality of the project. Arrange blocks like LEGO bricks to build a structure and fill it with your content.

Navigate Product Decisions With Customer Feedback

After development, the final website is tested and launched online. A robust functionality is what makes Webflow such an esteemed prototyping tool. Its features are meant to create professional mockups without the need to use and coding methods. It is great for creating web animations, interactions, and highly responsive web designs.


Choose one widget and then go to Link Panel on the right and click on New Link. Set the gesture, action, target screen, and animation for the widget. Drag the link icon on the left of the widget to the target screen and then set the gesture, action, target screen, and animation on the Link Panel. If you have been thinking about how to create a website prototype, then it’s easy with Wondershare Mockitt. With Mockplus, you can directly share a finished web prototype with anyone that matters via a share link.

By giving users a possibility to look for pages, developers avoid the need to clutter the many with non-responsive drop-down lists. A low-fidelity prototype, for example, could be a conceptualization using pen and paper or post-its. Often the low-fidelity prototype is also the point of origin for the high-fidelity prototype. Besides that, prototypes allow you to completely overhaul them and create a new concept from the ground up.

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